Distribution Databases

Data Access

There are two databases in each distribution point, one containing the API (dbHubRepv) and the other with latest data (dbHubRept). The API database contains a number of sample interfaces that can be used easily from any analytical tool.

dbHubRepv Distribution view database
dbHubRept Distribution read-only database

The interfaces in dbHubRepv are simple SQL functions, procedures, or views. All of them return de-normalized/cross-tabbed, wide, worksheet-like results that are easy to consume. There are no tables or data in the API database. While Qudol comes with an extensive set of interfaces to address most needs, you are free to add your own.

dbHubRept contains all the content in several, largely de-normalized, tables. This database is updated off-line on the aggregation server and a consistent snapshot is quickly refreshed during the periodic cut-over process. This database is intentionally read-only to prevent accidental data modifications.

Documentation is publicly available for select distribution interfaces. Click a link below or from the navigation to learn more:

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